Managed Software Support

Customer Requests

We are able to react to any/all user requests and make any changes required (e.g. request for a new report) quickly. (This is not often possible with other client-server applications which are installed off-site with the customer.

Quick Response Time

In the unlikely event that you encounter difficulties with Cautus we are on-hand to assist and can make most changes immediately. Contact us here.


As Cautus is a hosted online application, not local to your office, we are able to see what you see on your screen. This can prove invaluable when providing immediate support. We also use screen sharing software when necessary to assist us when discussing new functionality requests with clients or when training.

Trade Mark Software

Online Access

Access through standard web browsers

Centralised database

Centralised data and document storage

Reliable & Flexible

Proven for businesses of all sizes

Scalable & Robust

Grows with your trade mark portfolio

Optimised Development

new features based on feedback added regularly

No Unforseen Costs

fixed price confidence

Sales & Support

+44 (0)20 7280 4390