Cautus Trade Mark Management Software

Cautus: [property] made safe, secured, secured by law

Cautus is a fully managed software solution for businesses and individuals wishing to look after a portfolio of trademarks.

As a trademark management service, Cautus is provided as an online solution, allowing clients to access the software 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through simple, intuitive web pages. There's no need to install expensive software or hardware and you don't need an IT department to maintain and support the solution on your PCs as the whole system is accessed using a standard web browser. 

The application has been developed by working with our trade mark clients, ensuring that all of the functionality required to manage your portfolio has been built with the end user in mind.

Software features

Accessed through web browsers

Centralised data & document storage

Standardised data collection & input

Automated event management

Customised accounts 


Trade Marks

Design Registrations

Domain Names


Designed for

Trade Mark Law

Intellectual Property owners

Centrally managing portfolios

Ease of use

Cautus is a truly cost effective solution acessed through easy to use web pages, and is used by many Trademark law and Intellectual Property firms in the UK. Arepo's trade mark software has all the functionality of a traditional client-server application with additional features made possible by its unique web architecture.

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