Features of the Cautus online trade mark software

Cautus online trademark software includes simplified registration management of Trade Marks, Domain Names, Designs and Patents through easy-to-use web pages.

Cautus allows registered users to edit form content online and then automatically merge the data into generated standard PDF forms, such as TM3 or CTM. The application can also be used to create reports based on your account data through standard reports or by using the query engine for ad hoc, and often more complex, reporting. 

The Cautus application contains many features as standard, including:

  • account management of client companies and their staff
  • event management
  • diary of events such as registration anniversaries
  • shared calendar
  • email reminders
  • electronic document storage
  • scheduled reporting
A Cautus software subscription also includes the daily backup of all information stored within each account. 
Cautus trade mark management software can also be further customised to your business' specific requirements.
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