Flexibility of the Trade Mark Software

Customised Packages

The flexibility of the Cautus trade mark software enables specific cost packages to be built to suit individual customers based upon their requirements.

For example, Business 'A' might want to hold over 15000 trade marks inside Cautus but not have the requirement to store many documents. Alternatively, Business 'B' may be an individual who wants to use the document and Domain module of Cautus for all their trade mark related documents, but only has 25 Trademarks to manage.

No matter what you require, we will provide you with the cost effective service you require.

Migration into cautus.co.uk

We know that many of you may have trade mark systems in place already. Our team of technical experts will discuss any data migration issues with you. We have a great deal of database experience and will offer to perform your migration whenever appropriate and possible.

Take your data

If, for any reason, you wish to remove your data from cautus.co.uk then we can provide you with your data in a range of formats.

Trade Mark Software

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Access through standard web browsers

Centralised database

Centralised data and document storage

Reliable & Flexible

Proven for businesses of all sizes

Scalable & Robust

Grows with your trade mark portfolio

Optimised Development

new features based on feedback added regularly

No Unforseen Costs

fixed price confidence

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