Cautus Access Levels

Within an organisation there will usually be a requirement for users to have different types of access rights to the system.

Cautus provides the following levels of login access :-

    • Manager
      • Can change any marks
      • Create and edit user logins
      • Delete access (where appropriate)
      • Generate all reports
    • Normal
      • May view all data
      • Edit records that are assigned to them
      • Generate all reports
    • Read Only
      • May view all data
      • Generate all reports
    • Client
      • Logins restricted to a single client company
      • Read only access is given to data
      • Data restricted to the clients' marks only
      • Generate limited number of key reports
      • (Certain management data is hidden from client logins)

Trade Mark Software


Access through standard web browsers

User Access

Sophisticated data access as standard

Audit Tracking

Automated generation of historic data changes

User Roles

Login access enforced by appropriate role


Power to manage your own user logins


Standard interface and online Help allows for rapid deployment

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