Managed trade mark software


All your data is stored securely on our servers and is accessible via 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Back-up Data

As a managed Business2Business (B2B) database solution, handles everything from nightly data back-ups to ensuring the smooth running of the database(s) round the clock.


With this type of managed solution there is no up-front license payment or regular yearly upgrade charges - we merely ask that you sign a minimum 6 month contract.


If you provide us with your company logo we will be happy to brand your account with your logo.

Monthly Fee

No hidden costs - simply a monthly management charge.

Trade Mark Software

Online Access

Access through standard web browsers

Centralised database

Centralised data and document storage

Reliable & Flexible

Proven for businesses of all sizes

Scalable & Robust

Grows with your trade mark portfolio

Optimised Development

new features based on feedback added regularly

No Unforseen Costs

fixed price confidence

Sales & Support

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